Frequently asked questions

Most asked questions:

How do I know if I can access my Deal?

Your Deal is normally accessible the moment your transaction is completed, either online or with one of our salesmen. Your online transaction will be followed by a confirmation email in which will be your privilege ID, usable only for the Deal you just bought. If you can see said ID, congratulations, you can now start saving!

How can I use my Deal?

To activate your Deal, set your appointment with the commerce and then mention your privilege ID. You will be registered as a VIP client, making your Deal fully operational. You only need to show up and present your ID to the staff of the commerce.

What can I do if I don’t get/ loose my privilege ID?

If your ID is not sent after a completed transaction, please contact us at info@topdealqc.com. If you lost or forgot it afterwards, be sure to find back your confirmation email. With anything wrong with your order, be sure to contact us by using the address above.

What are the terms of use of my offer?

These will differ from offer to offer. To check them, simply go to page of the Deal you are interested in and look for the “terms of use” section, under “privileges”.

Why have I to pay my Deal before use?

By putting the purchase prior to its use, we are assuring you an optimal experience. This allows the business owner to get to know their growing customer base beforehand, making it easier to serve it and lets Top Deal keep to offer the best of deals.

Why am I required to sign in?

Your membership mainly serves as a way for us to help find the best deals for you. Eventually, even better offers and fidelity points will be proposed to Top Deal members.

What is the “promo code”?

Claiming a “promo code” mainly gets you instant discounts on one of your next purchases. To obtain one, get information from one of our agents or stay alert for our promotions by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or by subscribing to our newsletter.